Mikey’s First Walk in the Snow – and More Snacks!

December 8, 2018

Over the weekend we had our first snow of the season here in the Boise area, so of course that meant taking a walk in the foothills with Mrs. Whip and the furry grandchildren. Mikey (now six months old) hadn’t been in the snow before, so it was a new adventure for him. He quite enjoyed it! And of course the other five always love bounding through the white stuff. We’re fortunate to have some nice trails in the nearby hills where they can run around and play.


BTS – Along the ridge on the way back, I saw a great spot for a group photo. Mrs Whip tried to line them up – never easy without some snacks in her pocket as an incentive. Everyone was pretty cooperative – except Mikey, who hasn’t quite got the whole “sit” and “stay” concept figured out just yet. 


Later Saturday afternoon, we decided to shoot some more “snack” photos for a 2019 calendar Mrs Whip is putting together.

Oh sure, now Mikey decides to sit. 


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