The (Foot)hills are Alive

May 2021 With seven dogs (well, six at the moment – one is on the road being shown), it sure is nice to live in a part of the world where they can go on a couple of nice, long off-leash walks a couple of times every day. The foothills just a couple of miles from ourContinue reading “The (Foot)hills are Alive”

Mikey’s First Walk in the Snow – and More Snacks!

December 8, 2018 Over the weekend we had our first snow of the season here in the Boise area, so of course that meant taking a walk in the foothills with Mrs. Whip and the furry grandchildren. Mikey (now six months old) hadn’t been in the snow before, so it was a new adventure forContinue reading “Mikey’s First Walk in the Snow – and More Snacks!”