The (Foot)hills are Alive

May 2021

With seven dogs (well, six at the moment – one is on the road being shown), it sure is nice to live in a part of the world where they can go on a couple of nice, long off-leash walks a couple of times every day. The foothills just a couple of miles from our house are really nice at certain times of the year. They’re finally a bit green at the moment, soon to become dry and brown I’m sure. That’ll also mean no more walks until around October-November, due to all the cheatgrass that gets stuck in the dog’s fur. Last night I went with Mrs Whip and brought the drone along, to capture a sense of what a dream it is for the dogs (and us) to be able to roam free up there.

I was up there last week with them, and brought the more conventional camera along…

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