Golden Evening in the Park

The leaves in the trees have been just beautiful this fall, and our weather has been exceptionally nice the last couple of weeks. As I see the days getting shorter, and the forecast ahead looks to be getting quite a bit cooler (no surprise there), I decided to take off from work at 4 PM instead of the usual 6 PM, and enjoy one of these really beautiful early evenings before they’re gone.

My initial thought was to take a bicycle ride, but as I was driving home I noticed we had some clouds and decent light, so I called Mrs. Whip to see if she was interested in me coming along on her nightly dog walk, and shooting some photos. Not surprisingly, she said “absolutely!”

She usually either goes to the nearby foothills, or to Eagle Island State Park, for long, off-leash walks with them. Twice a day, every day – whether it’s sunny or dark, raining, snowing, windy or whatever. They go. And the dogs just love their walks. Almost as much as they love food. Tonight we chose Eagle Island.

As the sun descended, the clouds got thicker, so my camera got quite a low-light workout. Thankfully, it’s really capable of performing well when there isn’t an abundance of brightness. We started out in a big pasture, with a backdrop of colorful trees. We tried to get them to pose together for a group shot, but they weren’t very interested in sitting still.


Next we made our way over to the river, and of course Butter and Groovy found some small sticks to carry along.


Of course, the dogs had a great time splashing about and chasing rocks in the river.


A lovely evening for a walk!

One thought on “Golden Evening in the Park

  1. Such a lovely happy family and stunning in every way. They are all very blessed🥰 Thank you for sharing. I need and early retirement at 62…. for dog shows 🤣🤣🤣❤️ Marianne

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